In Germany, will be on skis even baby

Managers of travel agencies show that the Christmas and New Year sales in Germany were successful. And that is typical — some customers returning to its ski resorts, tickets bought in February.

Demand has changed: if before in the same Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavarian Alps region) was basic accommodation in a 3 star hotel, but now customers are mainly bought 4-5 star hotels category.

On one of the first places we went and comfortable accommodation facilities such as private apartments, which rent lease locals. Typically, this apartment — kitchen and bedroom. The average price of tours purchased our sootechestvennikovami — from $ 600 to $ 1500.

Those who choose a sport
The most famous ski resort in the country — Garmisch-Partenkirchen is close to the highest peak in Germany — the Zugspitze, in the northern part of the Eastern Alps. This is a classic European mountain resort, rich in tradition. Here a beautiful environment, the highest level of service and, of course, ample opportunities for sports: 26 lifts and lifts Gondola, 25 chair lifts, 139 ski lifts; the total length of trails — 73 km, there is a complex, medium and light; 39 km of trails for cross-country ski slopes for snowboarders and others.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen — two fused town; world fame they acquired after the Winter Olympics 1936, in which the program was first included competitions in alpine skiing. The resort is easily accessible by motorway or rail from Munich and Innsbruck.

On the Zugspitze — the only glacier in the country, so you can ride all year round. On the uphill climb on a cable car or cog railway through cut through in the 20-ies. tunnels. For children and groups discounts on tickets, toddlers up to four years travel free. Guests are offered a choice of several kinds of tickets: for ski lifts Zugspitze. For example happy ski card. Its price — $ 165 for six days, but you can purchase a subscription and less time (minimum duration — three days). The originality of this card is that it gives the right to rise not only in the Zugspitze, and the mountains in nearby regions of Austria.

Prices for common ski pass is also not too high — $ 120 for six days. It gives the right to use the cable cars Ekbauera, Hausberg, Kroytseka and others, in addition to leading to the Zugspitze.

Special mention deserves the Olympic ice sports center. There are five well-equipped rollers, three of them — covered. In the Olympic complex water — a popular «wave» pool, diving board, hot tub, water slide, sauna, solarium, sauna, fitness center and much more.

Visitors can ride on a sled, go hang-gliding, play hockey, tennis, golf, take under the supervision of an experienced trainer climbing frozen waterfalls to climbing. The main thing — do not worry about the degree of preparation: the resort opened many schools, where any newcomer in a matter of days turn into avid sportsman (especially since the Russian-speaking staff is available here).

Garmisch-Partenkirchen are generally very distinctive place where the ancient customs are fancifully combined with the latest achievements of progress. Locals still go in a colorful Bavarian clothes on the walls -. Painting of XVII-XIX centuries, and all this — on the background of the most developed tourist infrastructure. There is open a casino, regularly held exhibitions and concerts with the participation of celebrities from around the world, operating theater, museums, restaurants and bars.

On top of the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in the world, the exhibition hall, and on the shores of Lake Staffelsee is a small village, where in the beginning of the century under the direction of Vasily Kandinsky, a team of abstract artists «Blue Rider». In the Garmisch — Finca Richard Strauss.

A paradise for adventurers
Worthy opponent Garmisch is considered to be Berchtesgaden — region in the southeast of Germany, on the border with Austria (Salzburg away — 25 km). This region is called the golden edge. The basis of his wealth — salt, which is mined from the 1212 resort offers an original tour of the salt mines in the mountain Watzmann — second highest in Germany. There are five small towns Berchtesgaden, Schönau on Königssee, Bischofswiesen, Marktschellenberg and Ramsau. Their population is less than 25 thousand people, and places in hotels and boarding houses -.. And 25 th Winter season begins in mid-December and ends in late March.

These resorts are betting on new forms of entertainment: trekking (walks along mountain tracks), ice skating on the frozen lake, sports sledge with slides or on a sleigh pulled by Named deep snow areas.

Berchtesgaden Region — expanse for extreme. There are all conditions for practicing bobsleigh, snowboarding, freestyle, downhill and tandem-boarding (skating on the board on the basis of a tandem bicycle). The resort is built the world’s first bobsleigh track, where every year are held world and European championships. On this track on certain days they are open to all — they can take part in the competition for the «Dummies».

The resort has 58 km of well-equipped trails, 25 km of them — medium difficulty, and 33 — are simple. Difficult slopes there. The longest trail — 5,6 km with a height difference of 1170 meters There are widely used by many technical advances: for example, on Mount Jenner vedena in exploitation is a new system for creating artificial snow cover, and in the area Getshena giant lighting systems are converted. for night skiers per day.

The region is a single ski pass ($ 85 for six days) on all routes. Tourists serve 32 lifts capable of delivering to the mountains each hour to 17 thousand. Man.

In addition to sports entertainment to the guests — a water park with steam baths, sauna, salt springs, water slides and attractions, restaurants, discos, bars and cafes. The resort is famous and rich excursion program — the most popular, perhaps, enjoy a trip to the summer residence of Hitler’s Obersalzberg mountainside, where you can see unique historical documents and photographs, go down to the underground labyrinths.

In skiing the whole family
Oberstdorf — resort located in the southwest of Bavaria, 170 km from Munich called the German Tyrol. The main contingent of travelers — couples with children, as well as snowboard enthusiasts. A large number of ski slopes of varying difficulty, comfortable hotels, virgin nature and delicious local cuisine — all this attracts many tourist flows. More recently I began to take Oberstdorf and our compatriots.

As the mountains are not high, a lot of fun can be obtained from the tracking. In Oberstdorf equip the 85 km cross-country ski slopes for snowboarders, created the conditions for ice skating and tobogganing, ski slopes and to deliver 26 lifts and lifts with a capacity of 28 thousand. People per hour. The resort opened several ski schools and equipment rental items.

«Ekskursionka» also in a wide range: visit dairies, riding to the waterfall Braytahklamm, trips to castles «fairy-tale king» Ludwig II.

How much and how to be treated at the health resorts abroad?

Treatment abroad has become a practice of our compatriots in the early XIX century — the way to the hospital in Italy, France, Austria and the Czech Republic paved the nobility. And in the mid-nineties overgrown over the years, «the track» again trodden class of new Russian. If you long to save, then improve your health over the hill is the representative of the middle class. But in the design of these tours are many subtleties …

The reputable travel company you will be asked to prepare a statement of the medical record to all health indicators and diagnosis. Tour operator only on the basis of diagnosis offers several clinics with the appropriate specialization. There — often on the Internet — send your documents, and within forty-eight hours of travel agency reported the name of the attending physician, and a detailed description of the methods of treatment of the disease. Now you can make the final choice. And it remains for small: even before the start of treatment to pay the bill.

First, what will happen to the patient in a hospital abroad — complete examination earthly body. If the diagnosis of a foreign doctor coincided with domestic medical diagnosis, treatment begins. And if not — the organizers have to make a recalculation of payment. Said punctures from domestic doctors are often. For example, a year ago, 40-year-old woman was diagnosed oncology. After the examination in an Austrian clinic, it was found that a malignant tumor, and there is no trace … Two weeks procedures — and a happy lady was sent to Moscow. But there was also the opposite incident. A couple of years ago in one of the Siberian cities of 47-year-old man removed a malignant tumor. He went on «rehabilitation» in France. After the necessary tests, doctors have established: the tumor is not removed during the surgery …

The most common services that are sent our people abroad, can be divided into three areas: prophylactic and rehabilitation programs, surgery and childbirth.

On the water — with the wind
Going to Slovenia on preventive mineral spa Rogaska Slatina, two weeks of stay will have to part with two thousand euros. Rogaska Slatina Slovenia glorified little all over the world for its unique mineral spring «Donat». Its water — an ideal tool for the recovery of the entire digestive system and a natural antidepressant. It strengthens the nervous system, improves the function of the heart muscle.

The resort is located three-storey mansion peach color. Rogaska Slatina is surrounded by greenery of the park. Every day at the gate on duty a few buses that are ready at any time to go on the excursion routes: Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Postojna Cave Portoroz (seaside resort on the Adriatic coast) …

To get rid of hypertension and treat musculoskeletal system, you can go to the German spa town of Bad Kreuznach. Here for two weeks will have to spend about three thousand euros.

From the clinic windows visible picturesque mountain river descends from the vine-covered hills on which rise the fabulous medieval castles.

The main value of the resort — radon galleries, deep granite cave, «evaporate» radon gas. At the entrance to the cave waiting for trams, which descend deep into the visitors. They undressed and wrapped sheets, all located on the wooden benches. Procedure for «radon absorption» lasts less than an hour.

If you decide to undergo rehabilitation after bronchopulmonary diseases in Switzerland, cook 5 thousand euros. Burgenstock Resort — wooded rocky peninsula overlooking the waters of Lake Lucerne. Walking through the pine forest, mountain biking trails, horseback riding, golf … It has customers all year round — indoor and outdoor swimming pools with views of the mountains and the lake, a gym, steam baths, saunas and a wide range of treatments: classical and oriental massages, lymphatic drainage, seaweed baths and essential oils.

In the footsteps of radio operator Kat
In Europe, only after 1957, when the EU was formed, it made possible the birth of children of «foreign» countries. And the thing is that before this date, anyone who was born on the territory of the state, «automatic» received citizenship. Now, this «privilege» is not, and therefore there is no limit. Only the Americans have to withstand the onslaught of childbirth. Indeed, in America, everyone who was born on the territory of the country — a US citizen.

Ladies who dared resolved from the burden away from home, should prepare for the fact that to go to distant countries will have a month before giving birth — but to live all this time, you certainly will not be in the hospital, and on «neutral territory» — in hotel , with friends …

Having on hand in addition to passports, visas and tickets statement from a doctor from home about the health of all medpokazaniyami and contract, which is made with a foreign doctor through a travel agency, you can go, for example, in France. If the birth will take place without complications, the hospital for five days will have to pay 6000 euros. Cesarean section — seven days of hospitalization — 8 thousand euro.

Childbirth in Switzerland — is not for mere mortals. Physiological childbirth in Lausanne — 11 thousand euro. Cesarean section — 18.

Feat Dr. quintals
Places for operations, of course, must be chosen with great care. Tour operators, for example, highly recommended to go to Germany, at Freiburg University Clinic — one of the largest healthcare providers in Europe. Here are absolutely all specialized areas of modern medicine: 13 spetsklinike, 5 institutes and 5 central institutions, such as, for example, a private pharmacy and Antitumor Center. In the year of more than 50,000 patients treated permanently, nearly 380,000 — outpatient care for them 850 physicians and 2,000 employees of middle and junior medical staff.

Freiburg has a long tradition. She was part of one of Germany’s oldest university, founded by the Austrian Archduke Albrecht VI in 1457.

About sensational news lately cared attracted everyone’s attention achievements — such as the first implantation of an artificial heart Jarvik 2000, carried out by Dr. Friedhelm Beiersdorf and his team, and the first held with the help of robotic surgery on the brain by Dr. quintals in April 2002.

During the stay in the hospital will have to pay a lot of money. Removal of the thyroid gland — 22 thousand euro. Surgical treatment of eye diseases — 15 million euros. Heart surgery — 30 thousand euro. Removing tumors — 30 thousand euro.

Germany. Cologne and Düsseldorf. A Tale of Two Cities

In many countries, there is a pair of «rival» cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg, Madrid and Barcelona, Lyon and Marseille … There is a tandem and in Germany. Residents located half an hour away from each other Rhine cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf are each other very critical. And find for many reasons.

Immediately after World War II the British occupation authorities in Germany have formed a new administrative unit — the federal state of North Rhine — Westphalia, with its capital in Düsseldorf. At the same time, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, a native of Cologne, decided to proclaim the capital of West Germany, not his home town, and the small, nothing but the University of Bonn is not remarkable. Since some government service and worked in Cologne, evil tongues (especially native of Düsseldorf) dubbed the big city «suburb of Bonn.» And kelntsy, throughout history, proud of its independence (the last Elector was expelled from there in 1288, and since then Cologne was «free city) harbored resentment: because deep down they believe that only Cologne deserves to be that capital whatsoever was! in any case, not Düsseldorf, inferior to him and territory and population.

Kelntsy believe dyusseldorftsev arrogant snobs with the wind in my head. Those, in turn, look at the neighbors as rustic «redneck». This weekend both are happy to visit each other’s homes, on trips and walks — and come back with new tales and anecdotes about the neighbors.

Caesar and Neanderthals
Cologne — one of the oldest cities in Germany. It reached the troops of Julius Caesar. Here in ’15 n.e.rodilas Agrippina, wife of the future emperor Claudius and mother of Nero. In ’50 Claudius in honor of the wife of a small military settlements awarded a beautiful name Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium subsequently narrowed to «Colony», in the German pronunciation of Cologne. Already in Roman colony began to grow and flourish, and today no one German city, probably, can not boast of so many associated with the ancient civilization monuments. Up to 450 years there lived and ruled by the Romans, then the city «back» the Germans have won, the Franks, but throughout the Middle Ages Cologne proudly called himself «Northern Rome».

The name «Düsseldorf» means «village on the Dussel». Dussel — small river flowing through the city, no comparison is not going to the great Rhine. The status of the city, this «village» has received only in 1288, as a result of the very battle of Vorringene when Cologne — at that time one of the largest cities in Europe, got rid of the hated Elector Siegfried von Westerburg.

But it is on the outskirts of Düsseldorf, the village of Neandertal, were in the middle of the XIX century, found the remains of our lovely ancestor, named Neanderthal. So have no people here were carried out for 50 thousand years ago! So ancient Dusseldorf or Cologne?

The cathedral and the crib
The first thing you see when approaching to Cologne from Düsseldorf — this is a huge sign above the railway tracks, «4711 Echt Koelnisch Wasser». And then I remember that a well-known cologne invented here! By the way, this, the very first cologne with the original label overwhelmed all the counters of the city: a beautiful souvenir for tourists. The second show, which opens right out of the train window — hulk of the famous Cologne Cathedral, the most famous «protracted» in history: its construction took 632 years and two months.

Will city planners turned out that this historic monument stands almost at the station. Another reason for scoffing dyusseldorftsev who call the Cathedral «tserkvuhoy the station» — Bahnhofskirchlein. What’s going on at the foot of «tserkvuhi», it is difficult to imagine. Here hang rockers of all stripes, older punks and hippi- «pioneers», on their roller skates soar almost to the very spire and certainly someone against something protest. Several years ago, during the events in Kosovo, I have seen here are two small noisy crowd: a «demonstrated» in defense of the Kosovars, the other against. Contrary to expectations, they are not at loggerheads: a couple of hours after standing under a rain in April and caused a public outcry, both groups gathered banners and slogans and went together to drink beer.

Approaching Dusseldorf from Cologne, you see a pretty boring suburban construction. And suddenly, at the entrance to the city, — a multi-storey, multi-home. In each box, — the girl in negligee in itself, in its view seductive pose. This … house visits. As naive logic of the owners, each entering the city should so tempted opened his eyes unearthly beauty that immediately, from the station, run «to the girls.» From Cologne point of view, this is yet another confirmation of levity neighbors. Dyusseldorftsy same with humor belong to a «business card», but always pay attention to the visitors ‘point of interest’.

Right Beach, the beach left
Cologne is located on both banks of the Rhine, but the main, old part of town — it’s right bank. The left side, in the opinion of kelntsev, has only one advantage: a view on the right. Düsseldorf — a city predominantly left-bank, but areas «Right» — it is not any new buildings, but the most prestigious residential neighborhoods, where each wants to live.

A main artery in this and in other city — is the Rhine promenade, to which the central streets of the old escape. Cologne’s old town, where all the city’s attractions, including the Romanesque churches of great beauty, begins right behind the cathedral. As in all spontaneously under construction ancient cities of Cologne center — whimsical spider web long and short, but it will certainly narrow and winding streets «with character», that is not always deign to let the visitor. You walk from the cathedral seems to be the right path, but you get somehow not under the shadow of ancient churches, and the lively Hoeshtrasse, in the midst of large stores. And you want to go shopping, be sure to get lost in the old town.

Dusseldorf is famous for the new architecture. Where are you, for example, we saw a church with a dome in the shape of Easter eggs, except for the church of St. Roch? A skyscraper, which passes through the transport tunnel? Some urban planners fantasy completely inexplicable. How would you like, for example, the park, where instead of trees — a plurality of pillars with dials on the top? All watches come and show at the same time. Where there is Salvador Dali!

And not far from this feast of surrealism Prytula modest bust … Pushkin. What a gift from Kiev to its twin city Düsseldorf — clear. But why he was in this neighborhood? A small old part of Düsseldorf — Altstadt — a plan that is most comfortable for those suffering topographic idiocy, ie «square-cluster». Half of the street runs parallel to the waterfront, the second half — perpendicular. No special monuments of antiquity is not here — just a nice German «town in snuffbox». And the Rhine promenade, which come all perpedikulyarnye street, called «the longest beer counter in Europe.» Kelntsy snort: all the the Dusseldorf most-most!

Elector and Carnival
With all my love for «Dussel,» I can not help but admit that the tendency to boasting the local population, and indeed there is. What did not come up here the city nicknames! And the «little Paris» and «desktop in Europe,» and «Tokyo on the Rhine.» And even the «most expensive street in Germany» is here — Koenigsallee, to shop in stores that do not come to mind to any normal person. Is that stray millionaire.

Perhaps a significant role in shaping the local mentality played Elector Johann Wilhelm (in local Ian Vella) Pfalz-Neuburg (1679-1716), the ILO, the scatterbrain and philanthropist, who loved his city and made it a center of arts, what remains Düsseldorf and still .

Kelntsy superlatives do not like. They know that their city is the best, why shout it to the whole world? What dyusseldorftsy considered «close», in fact — burgher common sense and self-esteem of people who have achieved prosperity for yourself, without the help of high patrons. Only once a year, with all polls kelntsev flies plaque integrity — during Shrovetide carnival when young and old in the most incredible costumes to go out and just five days’ worth on the ears. » Needless to say how much is drunk with beer!

«Alt» and «Kölsch»
«Anything, just not» Kölsch «- warned me friends in the» Kneipp «Düsseldorf -. For this it is possible and in the face shlopotat!» «What’s that to you?» Viola «Do not hold on! Is that a beer?» — Doused have contempt «kebes» (ie a waiter) in the Cologne beer.

«Alt» — dark bitter beer, which is brewed exclusively in Düsseldorf. «Kölsch», on the other hand, light sour, and its recipe is known only in Cologne. As neighbors drink «this stuff», do not understand in any any other city.

In addition, Alt supposed to drink from a squat, wide glasses of beer. That is because the stupidity! Any child knows that Koelsch is good only when it is poured into a tall, narrow glasses. For the edification of their neighbors kelntsy put on one of the central streets of the «beer fountain» in the form of stone cups, of course, high and narrow. It is a pity that it is not an effort of beer.

And in the veins of Düsseldorf it is circulated, most likely, beer. For when my friends once led in the «heart of Düsseldorf», it was an old brewery with adjoining huge beer — Zum Uerige.

And yet something that unites fans of «Kölsch» and «Alt». Firstly, thank both varieties does not go beyond the Rhineland: both are difficult to transport and are only good «with the heat from the heat.» And secondly, and kelntsy and dyusseldorftsy contemptuously turn up his nose from drinks produced below the beloved city …

Study and work
Cologne — a city of heavy industry, banking, shopping and media center. In Düsseldorf, the industry is not — they are all concentrated in the neighboring cities of Essen and Bochum. But it is the capital (again, «Capital!»), Art and design, mass communications and advertising, music, and international trade.

Former University of Cologne is the name of a medieval scholar Albertus Magnus. True, the past of this institution more venerable than the present: now it is so overloaded that it is difficult to learn. As well as other educational institutions of the city: Major sports and Higher Economic School.

Home school Dussel — Academy of Arts, which revolves around the turbulent life of a bohemian city. But University. Heinrich Heine ill with the same disease as that of Cologne. If you are not afraid that your professor, you will see once a month, and listen to lectures, sitting on the floor of a crowded audience, do there. But it’s best to start with one of the language schools in any of the cities where you will be taught to its excellent German — not the Cologne dialect «Kölsch» and Dusseldorf «Platt».