Sidewalk tile

The tile pavement pair of 10 years, owns a tremendous privilege before the asphalt surface. It is environmentally friendly, comfortable to use, aesthetic and relatively cheaper. There are a lot of positive parameters of the provided type of tiles: simplicity and usefulness of the stowage, and still a fairly low price.

In addition, it is suitable for beautification and improvement of the decoration of pavement paths, land of suburban housing or cottage, representative offices, shops or car parks, this will give a megacity or your home a unique and colorful discharge. The first cover that replaced the asphalt, it was finished and polished pebbles, so-called, the first pavers, which was used in the road construction. The production of flint tiles was quite thorough. At the moment, the introduction of flint in the world remains similar, in general, production schemes and volumes have changed significantly. At this point, the ordinary granite was replaced by a much more economical and less expensive material — concreted flint.

The pavement tile that is poured from the concrete gives a head start in accordance with its own qualities and properties of natural flint, besides this the important advantage is the possibility to connect dyes to concrete that allow to create tiles of different coloring. The color scheme allows you to experiment on the road surface and a spacious kit for various design solutions. Another ambition of using a tile as a road surface is a paving stitch, which is covered with concrete tiles, is dismantled elementary if repair work is necessary and, therefore, there is no need for additional costs to renew the pavement in comparison with the asphalt pavement. In addition, the installation of this tile does not require the introduction of heavy special equipment and special equipment. Naturally, there are moments when selecting tiles for the sidewalk. Depending on the level of loads on the roadway, the thickness of the tile varies.

For example, a pavement tile laid on dry sand or a mortar made of crushed stone, 60 — 80 mm high, can push a car car, and a tile with a width of more than 80 mm will withstand the arrival of a truck. Taking into account the originality of the introduction and the occurrence of the use of road tiles, it must exist resistant to moisture, resistant to abrasion, strong and frost-resistant. Before laying the tiles you need to create a foundation for it. At the site a slope is built, then the platform is rammed with a vibrating plate. Primary layer under the tile is built of rubble, it is poured a layer of sand in 5 cm, which is enough watered, so that there are puddles and after 2 — 3 hours the surface of sand is leveled. Installation of tiles must be done by extremely experienced workers under the supervision of experts, therefore both the high-quality installation features depend on the service life and the external discharge of the fabric.

Selection for a building bazaar of road tiles is huge, colors and types of surfaces are extremely diverse due to the correct choice of coating, which normally will be combined with other parts of the decor. Practically almost everyone is convinced that the intelligible material does not have a proper quality. They are wrong. So, as with the use of modern production technologies, there is a chance to significantly reduce the cost of the process, this will clearly affect the value of the finished product. Specifically, because of the question, how much is the tile, it is certainly impossible to answer. At this point in the market there are materials with the same industrial features, but with a significant range of prices. When vigilant approach and study of all proposals without exception, it is allowed to find a good tile in accordance with good value.