Sweet Gifts

It has long been believed that the flowers and a box of delicious candy is the best gift for all occasions. What could be better than living flowers and favorite sweets? This is an original, unusual, giving a sea of ​​pleasant impressions, a bouquet of chocolates that combines all the beauty of flowers and a pleasant taste of sweets. A composition of sweets can be obtained at a firm specializing in gifts of this kind. You can also do this with your own hands. Depending on your idea of ​​the bouquet, you need other elements — soft toys, beads, cones, dry billets of natural material from the summer. And, of course, the most important thing is candies of the right shape for the conceived composition. The fastening of a candy should not violate the integrity of the packaging of sweets — this is the most important hygienic rule when creating a composition.

Too saturated color transitions look alabatic, so choose the rule of 3 colors plus minus 2 collores. Well, if your candy has a beautiful design, you do not have to hide it, but rather put it as close as possible. Any candy wrapper can inspire an interesting and beautiful bouquet. As for the transparent wrapper, it shows all the beauty of caramel. There are candies, on the wrappers of which are drawn, for example, Alenka, Mozart, etc. For themselves they are attractive, but we do not advise them to use in bouquets, and if they did decide, Use colored paper. Price of chocolates.

In a bouquet of chocolates, there is usually not one kind of candy. For example: chocolate sweets can be supplemented with caramel. Interesting bouquets can also come from inexpensive sweets. But if you are making a wedding or anniversary bouquet, then it is better to use expensive candies. From all of the above, one can conclude that any bouquet can be prepared for any bouquet, it would be only a desire and a large number of fantasies, and start to work boldly. And in the next We will discuss the combination of colors in a bouquet of chocolates. Many have the impression that it’s easy, but having the design ability and skill come out wonderful bouquets that will please you and your loved ones.