The Art of Gift of Bouquets

You still have to be able to give a bouquet. So that he becomes a joy for the one to whom it is intended, and not an insult. Yes, you can insult a bouquet! It is enough to present a pair of stunted roses or wilted carnations. But it’s better not to try! The art of giving bouquets has a great history. The meaning of each flower in the 19th century was known to all the girls of the «decent» circle. Gift was an important ritual, through which expressed a specific thought or attitude to the person to whom they were presented. Nowadays these subtleties tend to be paid little attention, but knowledgeable people try to follow certain rules to avoid being trapped. Which ones?

1. A bouquet should be chosen for each specific case. On the next date with the girl is enough and one or three colors. For the celebration, bouquets are more expensive and more expensive. On the birthday it is customary to give at least five flowers in a bouquet, for a jubilee — more, you can as much as a person for years. The most luxurious bouquets are wedding, they are imprinted not only in the memory of the guests, but also in photographs that store all life, so in this case it is not accepted to skimp.

2. Naturally, the number of flowers in the bouquet should be odd, especially if the bouquet is small. This is our tradition, according to which even bouquets bring only to the funeral and to the cemetery. But in the West, on the contrary, there are even number of flowers in bouquets (but not two), and emigrants from Russia at first seem to be somewhat uncomfortable at first.

3. It is necessary to distinguish «destination objects» of bouquets. So, if a young girl can give any, even field flowers, then for a mature woman, the bouquet should be more rich and representative. It is unlikely that a respectable lady will be pleased if she receives chamomile, most likely, she will prefer roses, lilies of elite varieties or large chrysanthemums. Although we must admit that the tastes are different, someone will be madly delighted with a bouquet of lilac and be upset, having received an orchid.

4. Some concepts of the so-called «language of flowers» have come down to our time, which say that yellow flowers are for separation or betrayal, red means love passion, and white means innocence. But do not get hung up on it, few people attach much importance to such trifles. Exceptions are only yellow flowers. Prejudice to them has survived until now, so these bouquets should be approached with caution. For the sake of justice, we note that in each country there is a gift culture, and its own «language.» And the fact that the Russian is good, the Japanese can not come at all.

5. A bouquet is usually given with a congratulation or words appropriate to the occasion, in a partially opened package or without it at all. Naturally, the flowers should be fresh, with stems of equal length, freed at the bottom of the thorns, smell good and be beautifully laid in a bouquet. And in conclusion, a simple piece of advice: if you know exactly which colors a person will be happy with most, do not be original and invent something new. It has long been known that Alla Pugacheva loves yellow roses, and best friends always give her those delicious flowers. And yet … People change, and tastes too. If you do not communicate with a person for a long time, call in advance to someone from his close circle, let them prompt you. Suddenly your girlfriend now likes cacti?